Moon Days

Full moon and new moon days are observed as days of rest  in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. On these days there will be NO Mysore, Led Ashtanga or Intro to Ashtanga classes. Vinyasa classes will still be held.

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  • May 2014

Wednesdays May 14th and 28th

  • June 2014

Fridays June 13h  and 27th

  • July 2014

Friday July 11th and  Sunday July 27th

  • August 2014

Sunday August 10th and Monday August 25th

  • September 2014

Monday September 8th and Wednesday September 24th

  • October 2014

Wednesday October 8th and Thursday October 23rd

  • November 2014

Friday November 7th and November 21st

  • December 2014

 Friday December 5th and Sunday December 21st