Ayurvedic Consultations, Marma, and Shirodhara

get_link_image-phpLarry Mangel, is a Certified Ayurvedic Counselor and  Practitioner. He is NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) certified practitioner on the professional level. 

Visit www.shantiayurvedaandyoga.com

Information on Ayurvedic Therapies: http://shantiayurvedaandyoga.com/shirodharaandmarma

Ayurveda, the ancient sister science to Yoga, is the study of life.

Ayur = life Veda =science.

An Ayurvedic consultation is a comprehensive exam aimed at discovering imbalances in your system or uncovering what may be causing  physical or mental discomfort. Ayurvedic diagnosis is made through a combination of a complete and detailed history, pulse, tongue, and physical exam that will help to reveal underlying factors in the disease process. Often a patient may complain of numerous symptoms. Instead of giving a remedy for each symptom, Larry will address the fundamental imbalance that may be responsible for your symptoms. Therapies may include, but are not limited to: herbs, diet, yoga asana, pranayama, exercise, lifestyle changes, meditation, and stress prevention.

  • First 75 minute consultation $100,  followup consultation $60.
  • Ayurvedic consultation and private constitution specific Ayurvedic Yoga Asana (physical posture)  class, 90 minutes $90
  • Private Ayurvedic Yoga Class 60 minutes $60
  • FaceTime and Skype Consultations and Followups are available!
  • Marma Therapy $75 per hour.
  • Kati Basti $75
  • Shirodhara $108
  • Abhyanga Therapy- One hour intro pricing $108

Please contact Larry (larry@shantiyogashala.org) with any questions or click here to schedule an appointment with Larry online

Cancelations without 24 hour advance notice will be subject to 50% of appointment cost fee.

**Now offering Ayurvedic consultations and therapies at the Brooklyn Yoga School   82 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor  /   Brooklyn, NY 11217 www.brooklynyogaschool.com

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