Philadelphia Premiere of The Doctor from India

We welcome you to a special screening and the Philadelphia Premiere of The Doctor From India. Directed by Jeremy Frindel, director of One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das, and distributed by Zeitgeist Films, The Doctor from India is the story of world renowned Ayurvedic doctor Vasant Lad, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute. Please join us on April 4th at the Ritz at… Read more →

“What is Ayurveda?”

“What is Ayurveda?” “Ayur” (eye your) = Life in Sanskrit, “Veda” (vayda) = knowledge or science). Ayurveda is “the science of life”. It is the ancient holistic science of India which aims at a total harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit in balance with nature’s rhythms. The traditional science of Ayurvedic medicine is designed to bring the body back into balance… Read more →

Come Practice Ayuryoga with Larry

According to Ayurveda each individual has their own unique constitution. Ayurvedic Yoga is a Hatha style practice where the particular poses address this unique state. When we challenge our natural balance with an aggravating diet and lifestyle choices, we fall out of our natural balance. Every class will incorporate physical postures or asana, pranayama and meditation to help us return… Read more →