Iyengar Yoga with Gabrielle Sigal

Iyengar Yoga with Gabrielle Sigal 

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Iyengar Yoga is based on the teachings of the yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, author of the classic iyengar_baixayoga treatise Light on Yoga. The Iyengar family’s teachings are deeply grounded in the yoga sutras of Patanjali*, an ancient summation of the path of yoga considered to be at least 2,500 years old.

This method of yoga is recognized for its thorough exploration of poses as they relate to the physical, emotional, spiritual, physiological and psychological aspects of each individual student.

An Iyengar class is safe and has a sequence that is systematic, it is designed to build on individual’s skill from pose to pose and class to class.  Like other styles of yoga, practitioners will build stamina, concentration, and flexibility.  But, mostly will understand proper body alignment.  Some poses may be held to focus on form and pricise alignment.  Students will sharpen their skills of observation and how the poses affect their physical and mental states.

Unique to Iyengar Yoga:

  • precise use of language

  • individual corrections/adjustments

  • integration of philosophy

  • use of props to deepen understanding of actions in poses

  • highest standards of training

Certified Iyengar teachers are held to unusually rigorous standards earning thier certification after years of dedicated practice, training and evaluation by trained and qualified assessors.

Our Iyengar program is run by Gabrielle Sigal. Gabrielle, in addition to being a former dancer and Certified Personal Trainer, is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.  She has and continues to study  with Senior Teacher Joan White since 1996.

Gabrielle’s mission is to inspire, incourage and educate.  To teach by the method set forth by B.K.S Iyengar, as my teacher taught me.  To make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small and ignite a spark that leads to greater compassion, and self understanding.



Suggested Reading List:

 Light On Yoga~BKS Iyengar

Light On the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali~BKS Iyengar

Yoga A Gem for Women~ Geeta Iyengar


Invocation: http://bksiyengar.com/audio/invocation.mp3

Yogena cittasya padena vacam malam  sarirasya ca vaidyakena yopakarottam  pravaram muninam patanjalim  pranajaliranato’smi abahu purusakaram  sankha cakrasi dharinamsahasra sirasam  svetam pranamami patanjalim.


Let us bow before the noblest of sages Patanjali, who gave yoga for serenity and sanctity of mind, grammar for clarity and purity of speech and medicine for perfection of health. Let us prostrate before Patanjali, an incarnation of Adisesa, whose upper body has a human form, whose arms hold a conch and a disc, and who is crowned by a thousand-headed cobra.

*Sage Patanjali has penned the ancient Indian heritage of Yoga through his treatise the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is an encompassing study of the subject which consists of just 196 sutras (aphorisms).
In the present century, Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar has made it possible for ordinary human beings to experience the wisdom of these sutras in the midst of living a life.