Shanti Yoga Shala Podcasts

Enjoy free recorded Vinyasa Yoga classes from SYS senior teacher and Vinyasa Yoga Director Shiya Furstenau

Thanksgiving Body Prayer Vinyasa Flow

Heal yourself – and the world – through yoga. In this heart-pumping vinyasa flow practice, you’ll journey through your body to awaken to your own intuition and life purpose and gain insight into how your yoga practice can empower you to help heal the world. Use your body to pray and give thanks during this special thanksgiving day practice.

July Yamas Vinyasa Flow

In this 75 minute Vinyasa class Shiya will guide you through a Vinyasa sequence to help you cultivate a clear and confident mind and body while incorporating the spiritual and ethical observances (yamas) into the practice.

We can live and teach the whole of yoga as delineated in Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutras, or we can simply focus on the physical practice of asana. If we choose the whole of yoga, the first two steps on the ladder of the eightfold path are the yamas and niyamas. These ethical and spiritual observances help us develop the more profound qualities of our humanity.

The name of the first limb of the eighfold path, “yama,” originally meant “bridle” or “rein.” Patanjali used it to describe a restraint that we willingly and joyfully place on ourselves to focus our efforts, the way a rein allows a rider to guide his horse in the direction he would like to go. In this sense, self-restraint can be a positive force in our lives, the necessary self-discipline that allows us to head toward the fulfillment of our dharma, or life purpose. The five yamas–kindness, truthfulness, abundance, continence, and self-reliance–are oriented toward our public behavior and allow us to coexist harmoniously with others.

April Restorative Yoga Class

In this 60 minute restorative class Shiya will guide you through prananyama, and long held yin yoga pose to relax and restore your body and mind. Props need: 3 blankets or a bolster and a yoga strap.

March 2012 – Vinyasa Yoga with Shiya 

In this podcast class Shiya will lead you through an All Levels Vinyasa flow class encouraging you to cultivate your “power of choice” making the practice your own. This class focuses on moving energy throughout the whole body helping you to release tension so that you can leave your mat feeling more present, conscious and “in” your body.

February 2012 – Vinyasa Yoga with Shiya 

In this podcast class Shiya will lead you through an All Levels Vinyasa flow class focusing on heart opening including a metta mediation practice.