SYS Chants, Mantras & Invocations

In mainstream Vedic practices, most Buddhist techniques and classical Hinduism, mantra is viewed as a necessity for spiritual advancement and high attainment. In The Kalachakra Tantra, by the Dalai Lama and Jeffrey Hopkins, the Dalai Lama states, “Therefore, without depending upon mantra…Buddhahood cannot be attained.”


OM Om is the original and most powerful mantra. It is the primal sound of the Divine in its essential manifestation.  In the beginning was the word and the word is OM.

Lokaha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu May all beings everywhere be happy and free.
Listen to the Lokah Samastah Chant
Om, Shantih Shantih Shantih ~ Peace, Peace, Peace.Om Bolo Sat Guru, Bhagavan, Qi Jai ~ Salutations to the Divine, the only real teacher!

Om, Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sak Shat, Param Brahma, Tash Mayi Shri Guruvay Namaha ~ Our creation is that Guru, The duration of our lives is that Guru, Our trials and the death of the body is that Guru, There is a Guru that is near by, And a Guru that is beyond the beyond. I offer all of my efforts to the Guru…

Listen to the Guru Invocation by Govindas and Radha