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John Campbell Ashtanga Yoga (All Levels) Workshop

Bringing Heaven and Earth Together Through the Heart: The Meditative Practice of Ashtanga & Buddhist Yoga


  • Dates: Saturday March 8 & Sunday March 9, 2014
  • Entire Workshop $175
  • Single Day Saturday or Sunday: $100

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This two-day workshop focusses on the meaning and purpose of meditation within yoga practice.  With clarity and humor Professor Campbell draws on his own scholarly expertise and practitioner’s experience in explaining yoga practice in terms of the psycho-physical maps of our inner world, traditionally known as the “subtle body”.  Morning practice sessions provide detailed, “workshop-style” instruction in the Ashtanga-Vinyasa system of breathing and movement, while afternoon sessions will instruct students on how to meditate; that is, how to build upon the foundation of their asana practice in order to cultivate those powerful methods of psycho-physical transformation known generally as “meditation”.

Novices and die-hard practitioners alike stand to enjoy and benefit from this invitation to go down “deeper”.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday 3/8 (in 2 parts)

  • 10am-12:15pm Led Ashtanga Primary Series (all levels) (with some second series poses offered for students moving into second series)
  • 1:30-4:30pm Chanting, Lecture & Q&A (all students)

Sunday 3/9 (in 2 parts)

  • 9:00am-12pm Traditional Mysore Instruction (all levels)
  • 1:30-4:30pm Chanting, Lecture & Q&A (all students)

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Unknown-1Ayurvedic Spring Defrost and Cleanse with Larry

March 15th 1-3pm, $35


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 Join us to for an internal spring cleaning. Spring is a natural time to clean your body and environment. As the winter freeze thaws outside we must also address how the body defrosts on the inside. As moister flows outside, Kapha the earth and water (cold and damp) elements begin to flow too causing possible imbalances in your body.

After an Intro to Ayurveda talk, we’ll learn an easy recipe and simple directions to help us prepare a delicious kicheree (traditional Indian spiced rice and dal)  to use as a cleansing mono diet. The diet will help our bodies move accumulated toxins to our GI tract for elimination. We’ll also learn about herbal formulas that can help us cleanse our tissues, pranayama breathing exercises and yoga postures.  All of us will receive and discuss foods and spices which will help us continue to detox the fat soluble toxins after the fast and prepare our bodies for the summers warmth.

We’ll have an Initial 2 hour meeting then email and telephone support.

PS. Please email Larry know if you would like to have me help organize the ingredients. I can make spice, rice and dal packages. You can purchase the ingredients at an Indian Market or Banyan Botanicals has a 7 day kit for $32.95, last option would be that I can order these at bulk and pass on a discount.


runners3Fridays 6:30-7:30pm,  April 4th – May 9th with Patricia

Adding yoga to your running routine can help to improve flexibility, strengthen joints, assist in injury prevention and recovery, and increase endurance. This 6 Week Yoga for Runners series will focus on postures to help with common runner complaints, including tight hips, quadriceps and hamstrings, while increasing core strength and focusing on deepening your breath. Explore how yoga can improve your running and bring balance to your body!

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