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Ayurvedic Yoga

According to Ayurveda each individual has their own unique constitution. Ayurvedic Yoga is a Hatha style practice where the particular poses address this unique state . When we challenge our natural balance with an aggravating diet and lifestyle choices, we fall out of our natural balance. Every class will incorporate physical postures or asana, pranayama and meditation to help us return to back to our true nature . Yoga poses or Asana are the main yogic tool for balancing the physical body. It has tremendous therapeutic effects on our body, prana and mind but too much emphasis on asana is not good as it in can increase body consciousness and feed the physical ego . The purpose of asana is to maximize a free flow of energy and remove friction, release tension, move lymphatic fluid, and improve flexibility. Asana and food are two of the most important physical treatment measures in ayurveda . Asanas help treat diseases but are not a complete treatment in themselves. They work to improve circulation to disease affected areas in order to release toxins and improve healing and growth of tissues . The action is indirect except in cases of musculoskeletal or structural problems. Ayurvedic Yoga is offered every Monday and Wednesday from 4-5 PM

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