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The concept of Rasayana reflects a healing elixir that revitalizes the body, counters the aging process and strengthens both physical and psychological immunity . Our behavior and state of mind is based upon our ultimate elixir of health or poison of disease. We should guard it with our highest intentions. Charaka in his ancient Ayurvedic classic text explains this therapy in detail .

Ayurvedic medicine implies ethical, respectful and harmonious conduct rooted in a higher values or dharma. It employs particular behaviors with the aim of enhancing a person’s overall healthy state of mind . Behavioral rejuvenation employs actions in harmony with truth, meaning high ethical principles, truthful or harmonious living. Adherence to these ethical and moral standards naturally produces a clear and clean quality of mind . Another way of seeing this is that, behavioral rejuvenation can be likened to an immersion program for learning a new language. You go to the country of the language’s origin and constantly practice it in order to become quickly fluent . Behavioral rejuvenation is like a new country with a new language for the mind to learn.

Behavioral rejuvenation means following principles of truth, nonviolence, personal and public cleanliness, mental and personal hygiene, devotion, compassion, and a yogic lifestyle . These types of behavior naturally bring about renewal and rejuvenation in the body-mind system. One who adopts such conduct gains all the benefits of what is called in Ayurveda as Rasayana or Rejuvenation therapy without necessarily taking any herbs or formulations, though these can be beneficial along with it as well .

Ayurveda is basically the science of life and longevity. Aging is a process of physical, psychological and social change in multi-dimensional aspects . According to Ayurveda, aging is increased Vata dosha. It is the most important factor in the pathophysiology of aging because of its natural predominance at that stage of life . Ayurveda advocates an excellent approach for promotion of health, prevention of diseases and delaying the process of aging with number of measures, including panchakarma and various herbal drugs . Rasayana in Ayurveda is a unique therapeutic methodology to delay aging and to minimize the intensity of problems occurring in this degenerative phase of one’s life. Prevention and management of health problems could help the elderly to improve quality of life and remain self dependent for their daily activities to maximum possible extent.

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